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Default Re: Superchip For A Sky Yet ?? Dose Eany One Know

Originally Posted by Ritz
People are putting out WELL over 300hp on Audi 1.8L turbocharged engines with a combination of software and a beefier turbocharger (the stock turbo is only good for about 220hp...about 70hp over stock). So it is completely possible to achive 300-350hp from the 2.0L turbo application in the Sky redline. It's just a matter of convincing the aftermarket to create product for such a limited production run. If that aftermarket interest does show up for the party, the Sky Redline would be a bargain in the performance roadster category. I suspect the performance is more limited by GM's fear of it encroaching on lower end Corvette sales than any real limitation of the engine/platform itself.

I'm not sure the production run will be considered all that limited. The Sky is going to be limited according to what I've heard, but I've heard nothing of limiting the production of the Pontiac Solstice. I think the plan is to build as many of those as they can sell. Also, I think the aftermarket companies are more interested in their potential market than the overall market. I suspect the typical Sky Redline buyer is probably more likely to modify his/her car than the typical Ion buyer.


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