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Default Re: Superchip For A Sky Yet ?? Dose Eany One Know

Originally Posted by wilsonchick20
dose eany one know if you can get a superchip for the saturn sky?? . im doing good to get the sky . im not pushing my luck wateing on a R/L. cause with my luck i wont get one at all .. also if eany one knows if the air intake makes a diffrants in the car .. how much faster dose it make the car .. if it dose make a diffrants should i get the one off the dealer or get a air intake some other place . my car should arrive in about 14day .. its red with black leatherin side .. its going to be flippin sweet i hope
im going crazy wateing on it.. ok thats all i wanted to know thanks ..
Neither an intake or a chip is likely to have any appreciable affect on a normally aspirated engine like the one in the non-redline Sky. In the Redline, a chip could easily net you another 50-ish hp since you could conceivably goose up the boost a bit. For reference, on my twin-turbo 2.7L A6, I was able to increase output from 250 hp / 275 ft/lbs of torque to nearly 320 hp and 390 ft/lbs with a simple "chip" swap.



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