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Default Re: Coolant port on intake manifold

Originally Posted by billr View Post
You are talking about a hose that is about 5/8" OD, and connects to the reservoir just under the cap; coming into the rear side of the reservoir neck? That is a necessary hose, leave it connected as it was OEM! Do check that there is coolant flow from that hose into the reservoir.

I gotta ask... why would you want to fuss with that hose?

PS, in regards to this:

"... or is the engine made to run the coolant through the engine?"

Yes, of course the engine is made to have coolant running through it.
From my observation it looks like once the cap reaches pressure and releases hot coolant it sends it to the intake manifold and runs it through the motor so instead of sending it through the motor I was thinking of just letting it drain out.
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