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I cleaned the old valve also and a few chunks of activated carbon came out. I didn't test the valve in any way. The code returned promptly.

The new valve did not come with the lower hose. So the OEM hose that was a very tight fit and was a bit split is still on the car. I don't think the split is big enough to cause an issue as the valve's plastic tips are very long.

Some things I learned after the fact. Maybe you could try removing the valve:

- You can check resistance as well (10-100 ohms might be reasonable but I don't know the spec for this part). If the valve seems to work with your bench power supply this test may not be so useful.

- cleaning again when it is open (powered).

- cycle it a few dozen times with a bench power supply, reinstall.

You might try a smoke test if that doesn't work.
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