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Default Re: 2003 ION Stalls at Stop....Now Dangerous to Drive

No wonder I could not find the damn MAF ! .....and yet Rock Auto is sending me a MAF for a 2003 ION ! Oh well , sending that back before I even open it.... is the 5 speed AISIN, been a great tranny for this 4 door do everything car.
Yes drives like new, other than the problem.
It dies in a parking situation , STOP sign, or RED light.... but ONLY after it reaches peak operating temperature....will NOT do it upon cold starts , and the first 15 minutes of driving. I can only drive it with one foot on brake, one on throttle..... have come real close to having a big pickup truck in my back seat, after light changes GREEN.
Yes , idles fine in neutral or park. Battery is about 4 years old now, alternator replaced 3 years ago....but will check battery.
No never got TSB done, but did have recall ignition done 4 years ago.
No loss of power....power is good for 230,000 miles..... OH thing I forgot to has the cracked exhaust manifold , with NEW one waiting to be installed... Could the loss of back pressure cause the engine to run too lean , thereby causing the stalling off the line ?
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