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Default Re: 2003 ION Stalls at Stop....Now Dangerous to Drive

Originally Posted by GTSRider View Post
No Fault codes at all.
Replaced IAC , TPS, Intake temp sensor, and Manifold pressure sensor.
Want to replace MAF sensor, but not sure where it is.
Has anyone replaced a MAF sensor, and can shed some light on R/R of it ?
The 2003-2004 Ions don't have a MAF sensor. Only the later 2005-2007 Ions which have throttle-by-wire have a MAF (and MAP) sensor.

Does your Ion have a manual or auto transmission? Quad Coupe or sedan?
Does the car drive fine once it's moving?
Does it stall immediately when coming to a stop?
Does the engine have any trouble restarting after it stalls?
Does the engine idle fine while parked or sitting in neutral?
How old is the battery?
Have you had the alternator checked?

GM did issue TSB# 04-06-04-029A to address erratic idle/stalling issues in closed throttle situations. In the TSB, the fix is to have the ECM recalibrated. The PDF of the TSB is too big to attach so I took some screenshots (see attached pics below).


I suppose it's possible, but seems unlikely that your car would still need this update. The issue in the TSB strikes me as a problem that would've most likely been noticed and addressed shortly after the vehicle was purchased. The ECM calibration has probably already been done a long time ago if it was applicable to your Ion.

If the car seems to have an overall loss of power, I'd recommend testing fuel pressure and/or temporarily removing the upstream oxygen sensor to rule out a plugged catalytic converter.
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