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Default 2003 ION Stalls at Stop....Now Dangerous to Drive

I know this has been covered before, but not sure if a cure was ever found.
MY 2003 ION 2.2 is now dangerous to drive. Stalls out at light or stop sign, when you depress gas pedal , or when trying to park .
Engine runs fine in every other way.
Recent Replacements to no avail ....problem persists.
New spark plugs, and Ignition Module
New IAC, and TPS.
Few year old , dealer installed fuel line , and filter
Cleaned Throttle Body, and IAC port
Have not checked codes.... but will try tomorrow
No CEL on dash
Where are the vacuum lines on this 2.2 that should be checked ? is the really strange part....does Not do it all the time,
but noticed yesterday, while doing shopping.... as car sat while shopping,
situation seemed to get worse possibly due to heat soak.
For each shopping stop I would do, it would get worse.
So problem is intermittent, to add to the frustration of solving this problem.
Hudson Valley , N.Y.
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