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Default Re: Recall on radio about Saturn Vue

I am one of the owners for a new 08 vue xr that had a fire. At the time it had about 2000 miles on it... I was driving to work and as I pulled into the parking lot the engine started smokeing. It was night. I opened the hood and notice the whole back wall of the engine compartment was smoldering. Called 911 and they sprayed water on it. Called saturn road side assistance and they towed it to the dealer. Dealer fixed problem in 15 minutes" oh the power fluid hose is leaking on the exhaust" like it was no big deal. They had to order special fire wall covering part. Wanted a new car but dealer didn't seem to think it was a big issue... made a big stink with GM about it. According to the recall it has happened to only 4 cars but I wonder if any go unreported because i don't think my dealer reported it to GM, I did.

By the way I could trace a trail of fluid from the parking spot to about where I had to a sharp right hand turn into the parking lot(basically a 180). It caught on fire fast and it was not a small leak... It could have been far worse if it happened on the highway and i didn't notice it fast enough.


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