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Originally Posted by mjkiefer View Post
Have an 06 Saturn Ion battery drain problem............battery checks out fine, alternator checks out fine but somehow the battery is draining after the car sits for about 8 hours on really cold days. NOTHING is left on........I have NOT installed any aftermarket equipment in/on the vehicle. I don't know what could be draining the battery. Any ideas?
First, check the trunk light. With the trunk slammed shut peek through a folded down rear seat.
If that's not the problem, get out your DC ammeter. Set it to at least 1 A. Pull each fuse in the fuse box and place the probes of the ammeter in series with the fuse terminals. Don't worry about polarity. You'll soon see which circuit is drawing the current. From there look for a short to ground somewhere in the circuit. If you can't do that, go to a shop that can, because that's exactly what they'll do at around $75-$100/hr.
Good luck and may the electrical force be with you.


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