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Default Re: Water leak in passenger area SC2

Originally Posted by trottida View Post
If you are making a new gasket the material used needs to be closed cell foam. After all, It's not supposed to allow water through.

In the case of a ripped/torn gasket I've used acoustic caulking to adhese and seal it all up again. It's messy but it works.

The other possibility would be the HVAC drain on the firewall is clogged. The A/C evaporator within the HVAC behind the dash has a drain that exits through the firewall. This allows any condensation from the evaporator to drip down and exit the interior and drip onto the ground. You can use a pen or pencil to poke into the drain and unclog it. You'd need to access it from under the car.

Here' a video >> and a photo of the drain location.

This post may be helpful too >>Passenger side floor is wet ...what should I look for?

well it only happens when it rains so i am more inclined to think it is the foam thing

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