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Default Another Flexpipe

Thought I'd try here as nothing has come up in Astra General.

Flexpipe on my car decided to crack. This must be like the fourth flexpipe on this car, so I'm running into a problem in front of the flexpipe. With each cutout and weld the forward section has gotten shorter. Its now well up the bend toward the flange that is on the output end of the Cat.

I've searched all over for a replacement flange and pipe section. All I can find are performance exhaust systems from Europe. I can get close on some stubby sections for like a Chevy Cobalt, but I can't tell if the dimensions of the flange or pipe might match or not.

I searched these forums, lots of flexpipe options, with or without bushings, but no flange.

I've ordered a replacement gasket for the flange. I'm hoping that if have that in hand and go to my local parts stores some kind of a mash-up can be rigged.

I did find a website in Canada that has the flange, flex pipe, and second cat as one piece. Their lowest price isn't bad. I'm suspicious as it doesn't say anything about stainless steel and they're claiming 50% off. They're math is wrong and depending on how I search I get different prices for the same SKU number.

Any body else have any some ideas?
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