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I know what chips are there because I have a disassembled BCM in my house. I used it as a donor for a PWM voltage regulator IC for the instrument lamps. It was surface mount, as is the EEPROM. There is no conformal coating. You remove SMD ICs, whether 8-pin like this EEPROM, or 68 pin, or whatever, using hot air. You then clean the pads and pins with wicking braid, and you use liquid flux to flow the very small amount of solder you need when resoldering.

Yes, I suppose it's not easy. It's certainly impossible if you don't have the right tools. I use a Weller heat gun with a small clip-on nozzle for SMD work. Hejet makes a pretty nice gun for this, too. It's also probably not easy if you don't have the experience. I did this for a few years as a component-level bench tech. But, really, an 8-pin SOIC is a pretty easy one to start on. It might even be possible to remove that IC with a regular soldering iron.

To work on a BCM, though, you do need a vacuum desoldering tool to desolder all the through-hole connections from the main board to the connector board so the main board can be removed and its component side accessed.


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