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2004 ION-2 Sedan
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Default Greetings from central WV!

Hello guys, my name is Jerama... Iím new here but not new to the brand, having bought an SL1 and L200 for my ex wife and Iím driving my second ION (current is an 04 ION-2 sedan and I had an 04 ION RL prior to that), and my wife drives an 06 ION-2 coupe...

My car is pretty heavily modded, Iíve done the work as time and cash flow has allowed, once Iím able Iíll link to my build on another site(easier than rewriting everything here)... I do believe in function and ROI over form so some mods look a little haggard for sake of cheapness, but the end result isnít what Iím after... after all itís just my 45+mpg commuter car, not made for winning shows

Jerama- WV

2004 Saturn Ion-2 sedan
L61/F23(M86), 139k...
Too many mods to list in sig...

ďStockĒ is nowhere in my vocabulary...


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