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2002 VUE 3.0L
Default Re: Timing belt & Water Pump part #??

Just got the sweetest deal at Napa
Timing belt kit P#TCK285bp original price quoted $522.38 my price$211.
Water pump P#41142 o.p.q. $181.56 my price $92.
Now that is crazy mark-up us poor Canadians
Two quarts RP Synchromax $16.99
4 litres of mobil multi ATF fluid (this is not Mobil 1) from crappy tire
$29.99 recommended for T-IVs and hondas
All for only $349.79 CA including taxes, rock auto was approx. $315. not shipped
Far cry from my first post prices
Just so you all know the Felpro intake and camcover gaskets are on back order I will have to do them after Was hoping to do it all at the same time.... BUT.....
Should be a fun weekend
Trying to submit but the site is going wacko right now, hope I don't double post
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