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Default Re: Oil Pan Removal

Taking the oil pan off of a 2002 shouldn't be too hard (less rust on bolts). I can only provide insight based on the fact that I own a 1992 sl1.

-The oil pan uses RTV for the gasket. You will want to scrape off all the old gasket, clean with brake parts cleaner (carb cleaner leaves a residue), and apply new bead of GREY RTV.
-You will need to remove the exhaust downpipe.
-If you have an automatic, you will need to remove the transaxle-to-engine stiffener plate.
-Depending on design changes from 92 to 02 (remember, I am working on the basis that they are similar), you might want to remove some other things to help you like the passenger side wheel and splash guard.
-I found it helpful to jack the engine up a bit and put some blocks in between the lower engine dogbone mount and the frame. This helps in getting the pan out...kinda tricky.
-Before you apply the RTV to the pan, do a couple dry runs on getting the pan back in.

Have fun...


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