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Default Re: Oil!! Need ideas?

just raise it up high enough to comfortably work on it, remove the fasteners,
let the motor drip off any oil inside the crankcase, clean mating surfaces up, apply rtv sealant, either saturn oem or "ultra gray" permatex works good,
dont use too much, assemble promptly, within 5 minutes of applying sealant,
tighten fasteners, dont overtighten. if any sealer squeezes out just leave it alone, dont mess with it.

mating surfaces must be very clean and free of all oil/grease. use carb cleaner and clean cloth, or gasket material will not seal properly. if any oil should run down on to sealing area from inside motor before sealant cures this will foul the sealer as well, so make sure crankcase is as dry as possible inside.
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