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Default Re: outlook prices announced

Originally Posted by ffballid

1. I do agree that the Tahoe is not an apples to apples comparison. I just included it to show how much they were being discounted. A better comparison is to the Acura MDX. That way you are at least comparing one CUV to another. This is what makes me worry for GM:

An Outlook equipped as close as possible to the base MDX would cost $38,494. I think this is what you'd need:
I think you're looking at it backwards. If you want to equip an Outlook like an MDX and pay $40 for all the bells and whistles, you can (as you pointed out.) But you can't de-content an Acura to get anywhere near the ~$30K starting price of the Outlook. Acura (and many other companies) take what used to be (and should be) optional stuff and makes it "standard", resulting in vehicles that start at $40. I don't need leather seats, wood trim, 19 cup holders, 500w satellite radios, televisions, butt warmers, etc in my vehicle and shouldn't have to pay extra for them.

While it's a valid comparison, I think they're two completely different target demographics. The person who's driving an Acura (and their ilk) wouldn't dream of being seen in an 'American' car. And likewise vice-versa.


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