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Default Re: outlook prices announced

Originally Posted by MJD1001
Another very good point. I don't know how many people I have hears (on these forums or in real life at work when talking about the Outlook) that in the past few day said something like "$43k for a fully loaded outlook?!?! I can get a Tahoe for not much more than that". The problem with that logic is as you stated, they are comparing a fully loaded outlook to a entry level (or just above entry level) Tahoe.

Compare them side to side...a comparably equipped Outlook to a Tahoe...and the Outlook should be $5,000 - $10,000 less (plus get better mileage, and based on the underpinnings, possibly a more refined and smoother ride).
2 things (& if someone knows the answer to 2, Id like to hear it):

1. I do agree that the Tahoe is not an apples to apples comparison. I just included it to show how much they were being discounted. A better comparison is to the Acura MDX. That way you are at least comparing one CUV to another. This is what makes me worry for GM:

An Outlook equipped as close as possible to the base MDX would cost $38,494. I think this is what you'd need:

XR AWD $32,290 $32,290
Premium Trim $1,275 $33,565
2nd row captains chairs $495 $34,060
Red Jewel paint $395 $34,455
us8 Audio System $0 $34,455
XM radio $199 $34,654
Convenience Package $1,045 $35,699
Sunroof $1,300 $36,999
Advanced Audio $805 $37,804
Enhanced Convenience $690 $38,494

The comparable Acura retails for right at $40,000.00. This is only a $1,500 difference (IF one pays full retail on the Acura & I expect you could get it at somewhat of a discount). Now, the Outlook's a little larger, has a 6 speed & does not need premium fuel. On the other hand, the Acura's, well, an Acura, and it has some features on it not available on the Saturn as well. Again, the Saturn's nice, but at this price, I (and I think others) will cross shop the Acura, not just a Pilot or Highlander. For the now small price difference, the Acura would (nominally) get the nod from me.

2. That brings me to my second item. Hang with me, There's a question at the end & I need help from a Saturn dealer or someone who knows how this "no haggle" thing works. I really do want to "buy American" this time (I know, I know, it's a global automotive marketplace & economy & GM imports from other countries , too, but despite my post above, I would still prefer to keep the buy from an American-based company). I have been going through option packages & seeing what I can live without to trim cost from the Outlook. As low as I can get is $34,654 (You can see what that includes above). Unfortunately, this is still too much to move the needle for me away from the (in my mind at least) known Honda quality. As I understand it, the Saturn retailer is not going to come off this price. The question, then, is how do trade-ins work? I.e. can I expect to get more than the standard KBB "trade in" value for the vehicle to compensate for the artificially high retail price? (I don't expect dealer retail, but I'd think that private party sale would be about right).


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