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the ION 3 comes with them, as jaseball said. truth be told, if you want power anything, getting an ION2 is kinda silly.

for not much money, you get fog lights, power everything, 16 inch alloys and firehawk tires, security/keyless, silver gauges, cd/cass, and better quality interior fabric. now if you don't like the interior pattern, 700 bucks will get you leather seats, shifter and steering wheel...

to me, the ION value points are the ION1 auto/manual and the ION3 manual.

ducklet, i'm not sure if you can do that or not. obviously, you could just disable the overhead light completely. is there a reason you would want to turn off this feature? i mean, if it's night time, and you go to unlock your doors, what if someone were in the back seat, and you didn't see them because the dome light didn't come on till you opened the door? i like the dome light coming on with "unlock" but i guess that's me...

it goes of very quickly after you hit "lock" though. it stays on a while after "unlock"
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