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Default Stalling During Acceleration ...

First time poster, just signed up today. Glad to see there is a place where I can ask some questions that actually generate *real* answers.

I bought my saturn in 1997 with 7 miles on it. I got oil changes at around 2000 miles with my (now miniscule sounding) 48k mile warranty w/ free fluid level changing. At around 45k miles or so, the engine starting having acceleration problems. During acceleration, I could clearly hear the power level in the engine suddenly drop and my car would start dogging. It wasnt ever severe enough for me to hold up traffic or anything (I would just have to press much harder on the gas pedal and the car would downshift and sort of take off). This didn't happen every time and, in the beginning, it didn't really happen that often...

So of course I took my car in before my warranty expired. I was a complete car idiot back then (not that I'm not now), and honestly had no clue what they said they were doing. I only know that my car was in the shop for a 4-5 days about 4 times. They replaced fuel injectors, lines, filter, and god knows what else (sorry my information is so choppy. This was a pretty long time ago). It would still occasionally do it even afterall the work and - of course - by this time my warranty had run out. I decided to just deal with it since it really wasnt too frequent.


I let my mother drive my car for about a year or so, and at some point my radiator scoop on the bottom of the front bumper got ripped off,so little air was getting to the radiator. The car started smoking like it was going to explode one day (apparently mothers do not know how to read temperature gauges), so she took it in and the engine was completely rebuilt.

And then I got my car back with a somewhat brand new engine and it was fantastic. For about 3 months and the problem started all over again. I mean, the car had been used and abused,given a second life, and that same problem exists to this day.

This leads me to believe that problem has to exist somewhere else. At one point, my first gas tank imploded (due to some kind of "reverse pressure" according to Saturn of Kansas City). The bottom of the tank was literally touching the top. They had about 12 guys come and look at it when I brought it in. Does this lend an idea to what could be wrong?


Is this a transmission issue (which I really really really dread)?

Sorry for the huge post, but I figure the cars history would play a big role in a problem like this and thanks for any help.


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