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Default Re: Dreaded P0480 and P0481 code

Well, finally got what I believe is some closure on the fan issue. Over the weekend I noticed the temp guage was not moving very fast as the car warmed up. Vue gave a p0128 code so I checked out the thermostat and sure enough the thermostat was not closing correctly causing an issue.

New thermostat is in but had a scary incident after the install. Just to be sure and state all the facts, I also replaced the coolant temp sensor since I drained the coolant for the new thermostat.

Buttoned everything up and started the engine. Gave the car 10 min to warm up and the temp guage maybe moved a quarter of an inch and car had no heat. No leaks anywhere and coolant level was good so I decided to go for a quick drive around. Got out of my driveway and the temp guage moved to normal reading. As I began to drive the guage shot up to 3/4 sweep and i quickly stopped and limped it home. Temp guage never got to the red on the guage but higher than I have ever seen the guage go. Still no heat. After getting back to my garage and getting the engine cooled down, I checked things out and the top radiator hose appeared to not have any fluid in it and it was cold. The lower hose had fluid but was also cold. I squeezed the hoses several times and with the engine running I believe I got air out of the system. Car seems to be driving and operating as it should now since I got the air out of the system. Would a new thermostat failing to open cause my issues or was this just trapped air in the system causing the overheating issue?

Please let me know your thoughts.


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