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2007 ION-3 Quad Coupe
Default Re: ION Quad longevity query

Many thanks for the responses, guys! I can indeed answer at least a couple of your questions. My beloved ION Quad has the 2.4 upgrade engine. I'm at about 155k miles, and have been assured by my Saturn mechanic, who's almost exclusively worked on the car over the years, that in his opinion this particular GM engine model is one of the best, most reliable they ever built. He himself owns an ION, has well over 200k miles on his (probably closer to 300k at this stage) and has never had major engine issues. I have followed him from the original Saturn store in Whittier where I bought the vehicle, through two other Chevy dealers to the present day -- along with his terrific tag team service advisor. The two have been a thorough and caring team for me for the life of my car -- always treating me like a king. They tell me I should easily get to at least 200k before starting to think about any necessity of an engine rebuild or replacement... and like I say, likely a good deal farther than that, as the mechanic has personally. (Anyway, hence my original mileage anticipation estimate, right or wrong.)

I'm not necessarily "looking for trouble" by planning any major work before its time, just trying to be prepared to make a well-informed decision when the day inevitably comes. I could be very wrong, but don't believe my current Chevy dealer would take on a complete engine replacement if needed (and where would they source said replacement?), though I suppose might be open to a major rebuild if necessary. I fully admit to not being a car guy...but I'm betting you've figured this out on your own already. I just want to be able to keep this car running and in good and safe shape indefinitely -- it's unique door configuration is essential to me. Oh, BTW, with few exceptions, I've had the oil and filter changed every 3k miles as recommended; as for type of lubricant and filters used, I've no idea -- generic dealer stock, I'm sure. Does any of that help?

I guess what I'm looking for (as one of you noted) -- if indeed even possible -- is to eventually be informed of a specialty shop which would take on such major engine work if/when needed, and/or any high-mileage suspension issues as well.

Thanks again for your advice so far...


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