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1995 SL2
Default Re: exhaust rust hole patch help

OK I have no idea where this leak actually is because I am having trouble following. You may or may not be talking about the resonator (straight tube that bulges after the catalytic converter), I really can't tell.

There are a lot of ways to fix exhaust leaks:

1. Since you only need a month and don't seem to need it fixed for any dire reason, just leave it alone and deal with the extra noise for the month.

2. Muffler bandage stuff may get you month but I'm not sure on brands and durability.

3. If its a small hole, take it to a muffler shop (or anyone with a welder) and pay them $20 to fill it with a quick spot weld.

4. Clamp a piece of sheet metal over the hole to cover it and poorly seal it.

5. Just get the new one now if you can find the money for it.

My vote is No. 1 since I have been driving around for almost 2 years with an exhaust leak...the volume knob on the radio enables me to not hear it lol.


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