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Default Rear drum brake adjustment

I haven't been able to pull my rear brake drums so far. The last time I was able to I think pounded a lot on one side while pulling on the other side (and alternating pounding/pulling sides).

The commonest explanation seems to be that the shoes have worn a ridge on the inboard side of the drum, and the ridge hits the shoes when you try to pull the drum. The other explanation I've seen is that the drum is rusted to the hub.

The FSM says that if drum removal is difficult, shorten the adjusters (i.e. loosen the brakes), and I've seen that recommended here also, so I'd like to do it that way this time.

Two problems: 1) I wonder if I have a tool that will work. 2) Which way do I turn the star wheel?

I have one brake adjusting tool on hand (see attachment). But the Saturn Drum Brake Adjusting Tool, SA9201BR, pictured in this Autozone diagram ( seems to show a flat, two-dimensional tool instead of what I have, which is more like a wonder bar.

Then there is the question of which way to turn the wheel. I read in one source that the right adjuster is right-threaded, and the left adjuster is left-threaded. If that is the case, then to shorter the adjusters (loosen the brakes) I would expect to turn the star teeth up on both sides from the oblong adjustment hole in the back plate. Anyone confirm? (One thread refers to a Richpin video on this point, but he was working with the drum removed, and besides, I couldn't tell what he was doing with the screwdriver.)
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