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Attention weatherstripping on windows and trunk

If anyone can tell me how I can get Sparky (my faithful 95 SL2) to stop leaking from her windows and trunk when it rains, I'd really appreciate it.
I've used plastic bags to try to keep the water out of the windows by rolling the bags in the windows, no success.
I have a black trash bag lining the trunk under the back window to try to keep water out. Same thing, no success.
So I had to resort to buying a painter's plastic drop cloth and covering her from the windshield to the trunk and guess what? No water leakage!
I don't know if it's the rubber stripping that needs to be replaced, after all, she's 15 years old and has always been exposed to the elements here in So Cal, so maybe the stupid sun finally warped the rubber.
What's really frustrating is that there are no places to get parts for her because again, guess what? She's too old!
Should I do this repair before getting her repainted? Her paint's peeling on all the body panels except for her rear fenders, trunk lid and rear bumper. Again, it makes me wonder if it's the unpredictable weather in So Cal that might've caused the paint to peel.
Any help, suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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