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Default Re: 1997 SL2 - Free...

Originally Posted by MikeNW View Post
Regarding the previous post, I guess we're surprised that it is an "upscale" Saturn, with few options.

You know the transmission fluid for MANUAL transmissions is Dexron III or synthetic equivalent, not gear oil, right? (Yes, the thin red stuff)

I would still change the brake fluid if you have no history. I changed mine about 80,000 miles (6 years) and what came out was ugly-looking, and my car lived most of its life in the southwest. The brake pedal felt OK though.

The timing chain will last a long time IF THE OIL WAS CHANGED OFTEN and kept full. I understand that they rattle for a while before failing. So don't worry about it.

Concentrate on keeping the oil full and clean. These are good cars. They just ask for a little TLC.
Yea my dad had to special request this car when he got it new back in 97. I still have the window sticker and the only option is the AC. Car cost alittle over 14 new.
But I just went and check the Tranny fluid. My brother had the clutch replaced last year and it looks like the fluid is really good. They must have changed it when they did the clutch.

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