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Default Re: 1997 SL2 - Free...

Originally Posted by rc1488 View Post
PVC valve is located on the cam over. Use the search button for pictures

Also you must have a SL1 as the DOHC IIRC comes with power steering. I suggest finding which model you have as there are some issues that are related to each model for each year. Use the VIN and to find precisely what you own.

Brake fluid sometimes get moisture in it and can effect pedal travel. However if you feel the pedal is firm and hold pressure than this may be able to wait.

Timing chain: The timing chains usually will last the life of the car IF and ONLY IF the oil has been maintained. If it hasnt then this is what happens: Oil should be changed every 3K, and untill you learn your car check the oil at every gas fill up as the s-series love to burn oil

Search for pictures from Wolfman as he has a few outlining all the pulleys on the s-series engines.

Mobil 1 ATF Synthetic has had good results mainly smoother shifts.

NGK Copper plugs are best. No iridium or fancy plugs like that.

Refer to one of my thread for a complete tune up list. Its important to have a good starting point as we will ask when certain things were replaced if you car has any issues.

100k....Your saturn is a teenager
Definitely an SL2 5 Speed as I just registered the VIN for the title change. But thanks for all the great suggestions. I have been keeping all my repair records so I know what I have done to the car.

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