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Default Re: 1997 SL2 - Free...

Originally Posted by MikeNW View Post
Mine is a 97 SL, "tan gold" color too!

I would change the ECTS, check the serp belt (easy), check the tensioner and idler pulleys (both failed about 95,000 miles), check or just replace spark plugs and wires, clean throttle body (take it off- easy job- to clean both sides), clean connections at the coil pack, check motor mounts. Clean PCV valve. Check the 3 rubber "donut" exhaust hangers, easy to replace.

In DFW, it's humid, consider changing brake fluid.

Check your shifter bushing(s), one of them is prone to breakage on these cars.

Check the diff pin, to make sure it's seated, for peace of mind.

Change tranny fluid, if there is no record of that. Easy. I would recommend synthetic fluid. It's only 3 qts. after all.

Sounds like a decent car. Good luck!
Nice list... Thanks...

Serp Belt just replaced before I got it.
Tranny has clutch replaced but not sure about the fluid. I will definitely check it. Good catch.
Tensioner and Idler pulley? Anyone got photo's? You talking about the Serp Tensioner?
Plugs and wires are new (right before I got it).
Where is the PCV at?
As for brake fluid does it ever have to be changed? Never had to do that on a car before (but never had one with over 100K miles either).

I got the Hayes Manual on order so that should help as I am relatively mechanically inclined. How about the Timing Chain? The shop said to not worry about that because on "these little 4 bangers they never go bad". I know you to do Timing Belts but what about chains?

Anyway thanks again for the great suggestions.

DFW, Texas


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