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Default Re: '01 Speed Chip and Speed Boost? (from eBay)

Originally Posted by resullivan View Post
# 1 he is not a kid. He graduated HS in 2005 so he is 19-21. I know to you that might be young but do not try to act like I am posting pictures of a juvenille.

# 2 did you watch that video? He talks about how cool it is that he can boss around servents and how he was supposedly hired by a "Hacking" company. Sounds like a real winner to me.

# 3 he listed the same car on craigslist but has since removed it for $16k.

Please get off your high horse. This guy made several statements on his ebay add that, in all likely hood, are completely false. I did nothing more than go to the site listed under the auction, go to the lower directory (which this genius computer guy does not restrict from viewing the files in it) and found some pictures HE put on there. I did not sneak to his house and take pictures of him without his knowledge and post them on the internet. HE put them on an unrestricted site.
And what exactly do they bring to the discussion? Nothing. It isn't a high horse, call it a maturity pony. I just don't see the relevance of pictures of him. Yeah, you aren't posting pics of a juvenile, but why do you need to post pics anyway? We are all dorks. All of us have pictures others could see as dorky and they are to people we don't know. With an objective mind, he looks to be a fun loving guy with a fair number of friends. So you point of putting pictures up was what again?

I don't see what pictures of him brings to the table. If you care to explain, perhaps you have some greater insight on how pictures of him will somehow bring this discussion to a close? Do these pictures prove he is lying?

As I said, if I said something dumb, I would find someone finding pictures of me and posting them on a forum pointless and an attempt to be mean. My picture wouldn't be of relevance. It would just be an immature action, what would it matter what I looked like? All I gained from your addition was that this guy looks a lot like a guy that I raced with last season. I still think he is BSing, now I just know he looks a lot like my friend. Again what did that add?

The server isn't his and he probably isn't trying to hide the pictures. People tend to put pictures up so others will see them. Just because they are in his folders on that server and he doesn't have it on that site doesn't mean he is trying to hide them. He could be using them somewhere else. There are any number of possiblities.

I don't make a habit of questioning anyones hacking abilities; I keep my thoughts on other peoples "hacking" skills to myself for professional reasons.

19-21 is a kid. Maybe not be a little kid, but most people still don't have a full grasp of the world at that age. I know I didn't. People in their late teens to early 20's have little to be responsible for. There are some people that are forced to be full adults by that age, but not many. This guy is a kid and that's Ok. In fact that is great. I would gladly have some of my late teens to early 20's back. I'd love to trade the silly problems I had back then for the things I deal with now.


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