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Default Re: '01 Speed Chip and Speed Boost? (from eBay)

Originally Posted by resullivan View Post
lol here are some pictures of this guy.
And all this maters how? I certainly don't hope you aren't judging him on anything other then what he has said or shown us, because that is not reasonable. It maters not what people look like, sound like or where they are from on a forum. It is all about expressing ideas.

Most of us already find the car that he is trying to sell a bit silly at the price he is asking. We also think that many of the "modifications" the he had done to the car a fictional or the poor guy got ripped off and he doesn't know it.

I'm certain he does know what has been done to the car, realizes how little it is actually worth and is trying to upsale it. I think there is is a lot BSing going on and it shows. Anyone that falls for it is 100% stupid.

This guy is pushing his trustworthyness. This is a very bad game to play when you link your name to less than honest repesentation. In the computer industry, a quick Google of someones name can pay off a lot. People hiring employess are using Google to find out about an possible employee's prospects. I don't think that this will be a good thing to have hanging around.

This guy is a kid. People that young, no mater where they are from, like to fool themselves; Much like every week we have to talk a teen-to-early 20's, SOHC driver into leaving there car alone or we have to tell people that their Saturn will never be fast unless the do some really power mods. This kid is out of touch and really no harm, I say we correct him (which we have done) and laugh at his attempt to oversell and make **** up.

If I said something stupid online the last thing I'd want someone to do is find pictures of me and post them up. Let's play nice. Forums are about ideas, keep your posts only on what he has said.

Message to Rajat:
Be realistic, don't oversell your car. Turn the BS generator down a bit; We collectively know a lot more than you about these cars and lot's of us work in the computer industry. Try not to use your real name online. And most of all, play games of dishonesty, especially when your real name is tied to it.

You are a kid, and I think you are a bright one. But you should assume that people are just as smart or even smarter than you. People that are smarter than you always exist and that a more then happy to poke hole in a BS baloon.


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