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Default Re: 97 SL1 P0507 ugg...

I'm pretty embarassed to admit this, but it ended up being the PCVV hose. Apparently it was deteriorated enough to suck air in through the center from dry rot. I replaced the hose and the idle dropped to 700 rpm, and no more code.
I'm really starting to like this little car. My first tank ended up getting me exactly 30mpg, and I was far from easy on it. I thought I'd try my method of loosening the rings by running it to redline in third gear and then letting it coast down to 50 mph and repeat. This is the method recommended by GM on the Northstar engines, and it did seem to run better after a half dozen runs on the highway like that.
Can't wait to see what kind of mpg I get now that it doesn't have a vacume leak and I'm not beating the tar out of it.
Thanks for the advise guys!

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