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Default Back-up Camera

Hey everyone,

so I a few months ago I installed a double DIN touch screen with navi and whatnot in my 1997 SL2. Now I want to install a back up camera and hook it up to it.

So I got one of the back up cameras that are pre attached to a license plate frame and I plugged the long yellow AV cable it came with to the back of my double DIN radio which plugs into the camera as well obviously, but theres still the other wire I need to some how connect to the reverse.

My questions are, if anyone can help,

1) how do I connect the camera to the actual reverse wiring? I don't need to do any kind of by passing as I only need it on when actually reversing. Not sure how to find the wire though and how to actually connect them

2) the receiver I have also had the wire plug in's in the back for reverse/back up. I don't need to plug anything into those right? cause those are only for if you want to have the camera on always?

Thank you so much!

I tried searching for someone who has done this to their gen 2 SL but couldn't find anything :/
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