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Default Re: UPDATED - 04 Vue AWD V6 - Left front wheel clicking noise

appreciate the replay! thanks.

Originally Posted by Chazberry View Post
So no "clicking"? How about roaring, droning, knobby tire sound?
All these have been used to describe the sound of a bad wheel bearing.
It could be described as a roaring or droning.
I was convinced it was a wheel bearing as well. (I had one go bad on me and had it replaced about 10 months ago. But this sounds and seems to be a different issue

How so?
I had them checked when I had the oil changed and tires rotated, and then again when the shaft assembly was replaced. (Also just had the right side wheel bearing replaced less than a year ago)

I told the mechanics my two main suspicion (with help from the posts here) was a wheel bearing or cv shaft.

The noise seems to be emanating more from the middle of the front end of the car rather than the left or right side where the wheels are.

Thanks again.
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