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Default Re: Opinions wanted: Considering a Saturn Outlook

Originally Posted by HockeyMom View Post
I've read that the Canadian gallon is about 20% larger than the US gallon. Maybe that's why your mileage is so great? Or are you taking that into your calculation? Or are you not in Canada? I don't get mileage anywhere near as good as yours.
Canada hasn't had gallons since I was a kid, oh, 30-odd years ago. We use litres / 100km for fuel economy up here; a lower number is better.

I routinely see 14-15 l/100km in city driving, and I've had it down below 10 in long distance highway driving. Converting, that would be 16MPG city and 23-25MPG highway. Still not the *30* quoted elsewhere, but not insanely bad either...
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