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2008 Astra XE
Default Re: 2007 Vue Green Line

Originally Posted by havok View Post
I'm looking at moving from my 1998 SW2 to a 2007 Vue Green Line. It has 19,000 miles and the asking price is $19,995 ... which seems reasonable given the premium these are going for. My question is, is there any reason not to go with this? Thanks for the advice.
Be sure to have the seller show you if the hybrid battery has been replaced per the emissions campaign. If it isn't, it's covered under the hybrid components warranty which is 8 years/100k miles. Be sure to have it done as the new battery eliminates corrosion issues on the old battery. There is also a campaign to install a wiring harness on the battery. If this isn't a Saturn dealer, it might be worth having the local Saturn dealer (if willing) search the VIN to see if these have been taken care of.

I'm not sure about the price or any premiums on the GL, but that might explain the $34k 2008 VUE GL I saw on eBay the other day.

What kind of driving do you primarily do? The BAS system seems to be most effective in moderate city driving and quite a bit on the open road. If you're mostly in the city, the BAS system doesn't seem to be as beneficial.

We average over 28 mpg in 25/75% highway/city driving. Mostly the car is used in the country and in town where we've been getting over 30 lately. We've seen over 34 on the highway and never less than 25, even in the dead of winter. My wife loves the car.

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