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Default New PS Pump Whining! Please help!

Our '00 SL1 with 110K on it has developed a whining noise over the past 15K or so. I pulled off the belt and verified it was something with the accessory drive. It is fairly subtle, sounds like the supercharger on a Mini.

I started by replacing the tensioner which did not solve it.

Then the alternator started to go (charging problems) and I replaced that, still have the whining.

So now I have replaced the power steering pump and still have the noise. The reason I went with the pump vs. the idler pulley is because it felt loose. Well in hindsight I should have left the stupid pump on the car.

Now I've replaced the power steering pump and it has a new whining noise. I'm sure you all have heard the noise a dying power steering pump makes, well that's what the car sounds like now in addition the original noise.

When I replaced the pump I left the return hose off and plugged the fitting on the reservoir. I started the car briefly and kept adding fluid until clear fluid came out of the return.

Then I reconnected the return and topped off the reservoir. With the car off I turned the wheel back and forth a bunch of times to get any residual air out. I started the car and turned left and right a couple times. I topped off the reservoir and it is still whining but not quite as bad.

Do you think I got a bad pump? Is there anything else I can do to bleed the system? Do you think the original whining noise is from the idler pulley?
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