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Default Saturn Vue - Code C0460

Hey. Thanks for adding me on.

I have a 2008 Saturn Vue with 100,000 KMS. 2.4l XE

I have cleared codes and go for a drive. Sounds like the traction control cycles hard and then both the lights for traction or stabiltrak go off.

The Code says C0460 5A Steering angle sensor plausibility.....

My live readings while drive show my wheels sensors reading same MPH so no differences or spikes.

My resistance at the wheel senors are : LF 6.68 M LR 7.1 M RF 4.3M RR 4.5M

I have tried a recalibration of steering angle as well.

On a separate (or related) note I am getting a code for battery at the BCM although my V at the battery (brand new) while running is 14.5

Also a passenger Airbag.

Any ideas?

Thank you for any direction you can give. I am using a Snap On Modis Edge for scanning.
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