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2005 VUE 3.5L
Default Re: new to me, 2006 saturn vue 102k miles horrible grinding in rear when AWD is engag

Originally Posted by macantley View Post
the vehicle is nice and quiet during normal driving, When the AWD is kicked in it sounds as if the rear wheels are dragging the rear bumper or a fender liner, the AWD is working, maybe slipping alittle bit though but all 4 wheels do seem to be spinning. I've never seen or heard anything this crazy when AWD kicks in.

I did a search and it seems there's several people with this noise and there's a youtube video of a guy driving his saturn vue in the snow and its making the same noise as mine. I'm guessing im going to have to replace the rear differential but was curious if there's any simpler fix. as loud as this problem is i dont see a simple fluid change being the solution. just curious if anyone has any recommendations.

any and all help is appreciated.
Check the carrier bearing and/or change the lubricant.. More experienced SF's will chime in.
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