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Dazed "Near" stalling when Accelerating

Please help point me to what I should check next. 2004 Ion 2.2 Ecotech with 194k miles on it that I bought new and recently gave to my 17 year daughter to drive. In the past few months she complained of hesitation at highway speeds and the check engine light coming on. The CEL didn't remain on so it was hard to catch. While I was driving it a few weeks ago, it happened to me and while I was on the way to have the tires balanced/rotated, I had the service guy check for any codes. There were none. So my searches lead me to this forum and I ended up checking/replacing the coil pack, plugs, and the ICM. The electrode of plug 3 was completely gone so I figured that was the problem. Well now what happens is after the car is warmed up and you stop at a light, the idle is normal but as soon as you take your foot off the brake and then go to accelerate it hesitates and wants to stall - it doesn't stall, it only lasts a second but to a 17 year old this is eternity. I took it back to my service guy where he could replicate the problem to no end but the computer provided no codes. He checked all engine specs, fuel pressure, etc., and everything is within spec. I asked him to replace the fuel filter thinking that may help. I then picked it up this past weekend and replaced the MAP sensor, the IAC, and the crank sensor. I took the entire intake off, and cleaned it almost to the point where it looks brand new. I removed all the plugs and all 4 show usage. I've check all wiring for proper grounds and all vacuum lines but I see nothing. I picked up a blue tooth ODB reader to see if I can catch a code while it happens and still nothing. My service guy and I are completely baffled. Any ideas what to check next? I was thinking O2 sensors or CAT but I'm not wanting to throw a large amount of cash on this, after already dropping around 500 bucks. Thanks for any help you can offer!
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