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1994 SL
Default First start after rebuild - fired for a few seconds only

Am following Oldnuc's instructions for first start after rebuild my 1994 SL SOHC VIN 9.

Went through the process carefully and got to the point of turning on the engine. It fired for just a few seconds then died. Waited a bit then primed it again and tried to turn it on. Fired for a bit longer. Probably less than 10 seconds then died. Tried priming and starting several times. Didn't work.

I have new copper plugs, new wires and cleaned the contacts between block and ignition coils and between the base late of the coil pack and the two separate tower parts of the coil.

I suspect I flooded it???

Will pull the plugs tonight and see if I smell fuel. If so I will squirt in some oil in each cylinder and try again. At that point should I prime again before trying to start?

Also the CPS has been replaced with a new one so its not likely to be that.

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