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2008 Astra XR
Default Re: buying astra: carfax shows engine wiring repaired/alternator replaced. Why???

Originally Posted by brice017 View Post
Was about to purchase an Astra from dealer, when I pulled the Carfax.

1/2012 maintenance inspection completed:
battery/charging system checked
engine wiring repaired
alternator/generator replaced

No dealer service on carfax since.

Not knowing much about these cars, is this a common issue?
Should I avoid this car?
It's a great deal. I was going to purchase and have it shipped to me, as similar cars are 4K+ higher in the mid-atlantic.

Any insight would be much appriciated.
Alternator may have short circuited internally, damaging it and the surrounding wiring.

Mid-atlantic? As in, the Azores? Might want to ask on the European forums if this is the case.
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