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Default Re: Ticking from the drivers side.

WELL IT TURNED OUT to be the dang balancing thing on the tire when they balance them... i noticed it was loose when leaving work today.. i took it off and left work as usual.. i did crank up my tunes.. but then i was like hold up.. im going 35 mpg where is the ticking... i turned the mute on and spead up to 50.. nothing... ecen stop to look at it and i hit the road again.. just to see. and nothing... so that is secure.. i know now man used tires.... food tred but dang why the tick.. so now i gotta go back and get em balanced.. plus a alignment.. good thing is i know it aint nothing wrong thats gonna cost more doe... what a load off.. thanks to the members who gave me insite tho.. i do thank u for that
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