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Default Gabriel Front Upper Strut Mounts - Crap

Back in May I replaced my struts and upper strut mounts. At 160K miles on the originals I figured it was time. The upper struts mounts from Saturn were like $90 from the dealer so I thought I would save a few bucks and get an aftermarket brand from the local autoparts store. I ended up with four Gabriel 142244 upper strut mounts.
Six months and only 12,000 miles later and two of the mounts have failed. A front one came apart in my hand! when I was swapping out the struts again. One of the rear ones is loose. I can hear it making noise, and will need to be replaced. These cheap mounts only came with a three month warranty, which should have tipped me off. Total crap.
Anyway, just wanted to warn anyone else trying to save a few bucks to avoid Gabriel strut mounts. I will be going with KYB mounts from The Tirerack, which are actually pretty cheap in price $38, but come with a lifetime warranty.
- Cris Thomas
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