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2005 VUE 3.5L
2005 VUE 3.5L
Default Re: 2006 3.5 AWD VUE CEL Error codes: 0036 and 0141

Thanks...I don't know how I missed those images at RockAuto, since that's where I got the part! Anyway- it helped me out a lot, and I was able to get the sensor changed.

I bought an NTK sensor, and the sensor wrench that has the slot for the wires. I had a pretty hard time tracing the lead to its connector- I had to crawl all the way on top of the engine, so I was effectively kneeling on top of it, so I could reach down and follow the orange wire. I sprayed some PB blaster on the old sensor, had a bit of a time getting the wrench on, but then with one decent turn of the wrench it loosened right up and I turned it out by hand.

New sensor went in really easily, but again I had a had a hard time routing the cable back to its connector. Trying to get two hands in the space to connect the wire was tough, so I pretty much just did it by feel with one hand.

One moment of despair when the engine light was still on, reporting the same codes on my reader, but once I reset and erased the codes, all seems well.

So once again, thanks for the help- saved me probably a couple hundred bucks!


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