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Default Re: i know theres the engine swap guide, but...

Originally Posted by KawaiiBoricua View Post
Im having a hard time understanding which engine from what year would be best to do a turbo set-up on. IM getting ready to get a new engine, but i want to know what year engine is the best overall. im planning on rebuilding the engine anyway and install aftermarket low-compression pistons, cams and everything. So its gunna be rebuilt anyway, but from all u great people i would prefer your input. Im installing this engine in a 93 SC2 and what i was gunna go for was the 2002 engine, and i have a 97 tranny, (first will that work?) if i have to change the tranny, i will, but im wondering if that one will fit. im also going to get the wire harness and ECU from the 2002, any other ideas from you guys? i really appriciate any help ^_^
ummmmmmm low compression pistons?


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