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Default Re: Astra provides hope for Saturn

Maybe what I'm about to say will bias since I own an Astra, but if what they are doing is what it takes for people to start looking at the Saturn brand as a reasonable option, then I'm all for it. The way I see it is that the car's warranty is covered by Uncle Sam--if they do go under. But for know, they are still alive trying to get the consumer's attention.

Some of you may consider this misleading, but you know what? Most US consumers are ignorant and liked to be told what to buy anyways. That's why marketing works, and if it works for Saturn, I say more power to them. If you don't like to be misled, do your research. But guess what? I bought the Astra after doing my research. If you care about your car's resale value, then don't look at the Astra; that's all that is holding the car back in my opinion.


I appreciate your opinion, but you have to understand that the will to survive is stronger for some more than others. The dealerships believe they have better cars than their competition. Why is it wrong for them to try to get consumers to come test out their products? If they don't like them, they don't have to buy them.


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