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Default Scratch repair on Black Onyx Redline

I have a 2008 Redline whose car cover lost a battle with itself and the wind. Around and below the fuel filler door there are multiple scratches that like someone used a very fine medal fan brush on it. The finger nail test indicated these were clear coat deep. There's one scratch that looks like the car got keyed. In a way it did because the straps broke and the cable lock did a number on the panel. I've tried Turtle Wax Scratch Repair on the advice of the local Auto Zone. The fan scratches are "lighter" but still noticeable. The longer scratch is still there in all its glory.
So, any suggestions on what to do to clear up these scratches on a Black Onyx Redline? FYI - I had a ding on the hood of my MKZ and Ford's color pen did the trick. Here's what surprised me. I dribbled some of the touch up and used a paper towel to quickly wipe it up. Just for the heck of it, I then rubbed the paper towel onto a couple light scratches on the bumper. Can't tell they were ever there now. Lucky or viable alternative?
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