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Where can I find the cams? Also I gutted the factory manifold out so itís hollow. Will the 91í92í header still be better? Also what is an FPR? (Sorry if I sound dumb) I just drive the piss out of them donít gather much knowledge of them. The on the car has a return with what looks like a pod filter.

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Dual intake cam's move the power band up some.

You can bolt on the factory '91-'92 header, it's a 4-2-1 design and flows better than the stock '93-'98 manifold.

You can also adjust the FPR for a bit more pressure (if it's using the better '97 fuel rail and system) but this isn't recommended unless you have a FP gauge and more importantly a wideband O2 sensor as it's easy to go the wrong way with the pressure and go far too lean blowing things up.

Smaller diameter tires will give you more of a gearing advantage off the line at the sacrifice of top speed. Putting in a MP3 will also give you more off the line, at least in 2nd and 3rd but again, this is at the sacrifice of top speed and circle tracker's seem to find the MP2 3rd gear to be the best.

Best bang for your buck is the obvious...strip everything out not required by the driver for safety, turning, going, and stopping
Lane ( documented what everything weighs, lost nearly 250lbs and still had more that could have come out.

Only programmable ECU option the S-Series has is gutting the case and fitting a Megasquirt in, which tends to scare people off because they find wiring difficult. Of course, if the car doesn't have to be nearly factory stock that opens up a few more options.


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