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So do you have any other options on making the car faster? Things I can add or take away to make it have more pep or things I can change? I already have an MP2 tranny on it.

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
In one word, no. You'll read and be suggested to try links to places that either sells a chip to add to the coolant sensor wiring or other place that can repair them. None can access the fixed programming in Saturn's PCMs, period. There have been more than a handful here over the years that claimed they can break into PCM's and reprogram them but they all faded away without ever being successful with a follow-up to spread the word. None. Saturn is/was a different kind of car company and this probably filtered down to having fixed PCMs. Corvettes and Camaros have tunable ECMs but those are GM's high profile cars so the bean counters probably thought "You know, these engines may need tweaking so maybe we should have the ECMs setup so anyone with tuning skills can modify things for track racing......" Saturns aren't race cars, period, so the PCMs are fixed without tuning capability.

To get around this, serious tuners simply buy a megasquirt to piggyback onto the PCM so turbocharging becomes possible. Other mods are needed too.


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