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Default Re: Penske-Saturn Deal "Past Midfield," Slated to be Completed by September

[QUOTE=saturn 51;1489902]I have been working at a saturn facility since 1990,if i understand this situation correctly MR. Penske does not currently own any Saturn facilities, nor does he have any intrest in owning any in the future.MR. Penske will distribute vehicles and parts to Saturn facilities. The sooner we recieve different vehicles than the three G.M. says they will continue to build for two years the better chance we have to stay open. The truth is we will not share any of the fantastic benefits of the Penske company and will continue to work for the present facility owners.[/QUOTE]

You have been with your present Facility since 1990 so things must not be as bad as your last sentence leads us to believe. The beauty of Roger Penske purchasing Saturn is that the Saturn Facilities will remain open if the owners choose and employees keep their jobs. Hopefully the Saturn Facilities will become GM's worst nightmare.


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